Some Plumbing



While out of the water and waiting for the yard to complete their work, I decided to take care of some plumbing issues.

I replaced the old gate valves on the fresh water tanks  with new stainless ball valves.  The watermaker is also plumbed to the tanks here and a new ball valve was installed in the line.  We can choose weather to fill both tanks or just one from the watermaker.  In practice we always chose one tank at a time - just in case there is a problem.

We had the yard put in a new through hull and seacock for the watermaker inlet.  Originally it was teed off the cockpit drain.

Since I was having fun I installed two new Walbro 6000 series marine fuel pumps to replace the two that were no longer working.  One off the main tank and a second off the 25 gallon backup tank under the cockpit.  I installed a bypass on the main fuel tank just in case.