This list  list of includes sites that have links to, or the Peregrine Sea Gallery, as well as some others that may be of interest.

  1. -  Self Portrait in the Present Sea  -  Webb Chiles  -  sailor, circumnavigator, author, artist - and friend.

  1. Bullet  - a site about the majority of our world that is water and usually the boats that float upon it.

  1. Bullet - A maritime history website byJoe Follansbee, who says ”I founded Fyddeye in 2009 because I didn't see a place on the web where I could find news about one of my favorite subjects: maritime history. I also wanted to create a place for maritime heritage advocates to post information about their efforts to save ships, lighthouses, and historical artifacts related to the life on the water.

A great website and Joe has used several photos from my Two Lighthouses collection

  1.  -  friends Dava Newman and Gui Trotti and their circumnavigation aboard GALATEA.

  1.  - marine traffic around the work using AIS so you can track PEREGRINA.

  1.  - Carol Anderson at Seattle Flagmakers.  Into custom flags and great to work with.  A private signal made for PEREGRINA of very high quality.

  1. Bullet - the blog of our friends Justin and jenny and the joys of living aboard in Boston.

  1. BulletTatoosh - all about Tatoosh, the steam tug, the island and disasters there, and the myths of the Thunderbird.

  1. BulletTATOOSH! - my old website.