We purchased the then Andiamo in June 2006.  We knew there was lots of work to be done.    Just cleaning out the boat and dismantling some of the interior to allow the yard access for repairs took several weeks.  Then we removed the the old monster refrigeration compressor from what was the forward head  and got  rid of the associated  copper tubing.  

Partial interior rebuild, new engine mounts, new shaft and a three blade folding propeller from Flex-O-Fold.  New refrigeration from Frig-O-Boat was installed.  Then new instruments, Navpod, compass, rigid vang from Garhauer, Strong Mast Track and conversion of the main sail to full battens, and much, much more.

Sandra surprised me by refinishing the cabin sole, and I surprised her by having a custom teak cockpit grate installed.

Finally, in September, the boat was launched in a way that I am not used too.  I couldn't be there so Sandra took some pictures ...  Finally PEREGRINA was in the Piscataqua River. 

After being launched we sorted out sails, and had electrical problems that had to get fixed.  Finally we were going down river.  Rivers and bridges were new to me, and so was PEREGRINA.  We stopped in Gloucester for the night and then went on to Boston.